Founder Energy is Everything

Your Founder Energy —that vision, ambition, excitement, inspiration— is the most valuable phenomenon in the world.

You need to get it out into the world as soon as possible, create a signal, then an audience, then a community.

So many founders squander their founder energy building presentations that no one is going to look at, MVPs that. No one is going to use, and chasing VCs that are never going to write them a check.

Founder Energy => Content

Instead, do this:

Make a short video —no more than 45s— of you talking to camera about the startup you are excited to build, the problem it's going to solve, and why you are the guy to build it.

It is going to suck. You are going to hate the way you look and sound. It's going to persuade no one to follow you.

But it's a start.

Do one of these every day and post them to TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube shorts.

Pick a name for your startup and refine the videos.

It's going to all be fugly and embarrassing.

Launch Your Startup

Once you have a decent pitch down, I want you to join and earn early access to Slyk's startup launch app.

It's setup to share in minutes.

Now I want you to invite all your friends to join your Slyk.

Congrats! You've launched your startup.

Audience => Community

Next up is growing your community, attracting collaborators, true believers, and early adopters, and sharing the upside of what you're building with everyone who helps you.

Soon you'll be ready to spec out an MVP that people actually want to use, informed by people who have the problem you're trying to solve.

You'll attract a team who wants to help you build the MVP, and you'll be able to pre-sell early access to your true believers.

Founder Market Fit

This is called Founder Market Fit. Without it, there will never be any Product Market Fit. With it, you'll be the sort of founder who VCs can't resist.

So fuck stealth mode. Forget field-of-dreams MVPs. And forget VCs until you've built an audience and a community who cares about what you're building and wants to see you succeed because they want the solution you are building to exist (because they have the problem you are solving and they are sick of suffering).

Launch Fast with Slyk!

Stop Stalling
Start Selling