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What is Play-to-Earn?
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Play-to-earn is about incentives, this for that, quid pro quo, symbiosis. If you participate according to the rules of the game, you are rewarded.

Startups are play-to-earn-- if you add value, you earn upside in the startup. You can add value by helping a startup grow or by providing capital to build the startups product.

Slyk is a tool that makes it easy for startups to launch fast, grow fast, and raise money fast from its users, collaborators, believers, and early adopters.


How can I change my ecomm currency?
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Once an ecomm currency has been chosen and an item added to your Slyk catalog, you must follow these steps to change:

1: Delete all items from your catalog.

2: Settings > Payment Methods > Deactivate all active payment methods in that currency

3: Settings > Advanced > Currencies & Assets > Find new currency > Click ellipsis (three dots to the right) > click Activate.

4: Make new currency your ecomm currency by clicking again on the ellipsis and clicking "Set as default currency."

5: Go back to Settings > Payment Methods and enable how you want to get paid in that currency.

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Can I pay with my credit / debit card?
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You can connect your existing Stripe account to begin accepting credit and debit card payments. If you don't have a Stripe account, go to to get started.


Can I create more than one Slyk?
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Yes! You will have to use a different email address to log in as the admin, however. Start a new Slyk for each new business or idea you have! Slyk is the fastest, easiest way to launch a business online, to test out product ideas, and to find product-market fit. 


How can I get paid in Bitcoin?
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Easy. Just choose BTC as your ecomm currency and choose one or more of the BTC-denominated payment methods.


My preferred payment method is not currently supported. How can I add it?
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We are connecting new payment methods all the time. Send us a message at and let us know your preferred method of payment.


How do the marketing rewards work?
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Slyk makes it easy to reward the world for helping you grow (sales, uses, community, and more). One way Slyk makes it easy is with Web2 marketing rewards. You can configure them easily in the Growth section of your Slyk.

Just choose the Web2 sharing you want to reward and set the currency (default is the same as your Ecomm currency but you can also set up a custom currency reward, i.e. your own coin), and the amount. The Reward is only triggered once per member who shares their invite link.

Slyk takes care of checking (via Web2 APIs) that a member of your community has shared their invite link and that it has been clicked on by someone else.

You can also offer Custom Rewards.

Let your imagination run wild and incentivize anything you want. For example, you might offer a reward for your followers who shout out your Slyk their Instagram Stories. Or for posting a video of your performance on TikTok. It's totally up to you how you want to incentivize your community to grow! 

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How do the sales referral rewards work?
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Slyk makes it easy for startups to reward their clients and community for bringing more sales. Just set the percentage of the sale you want to you reward members with when they bring you new sales by sharing their invite link.

For example, if Jim invites Pam to my Slyk and Pam buys something from me for $100, and my referral reward is set at 20%, Jim earn $20 in rewards that can be uses as a discount for future purchases.

Slyk referral sales rewards can be configured as multi-level, such that if your member invites a new buyer they earn X% and if that new buyer invites a new buyer the original inviter earns Y%.

If Pam invites Dwight to my Slyk and he buys something for $100, Pam earns $20 and Jim earns $4.

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